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Apricot (17)

Premium Afghani Dry Apricot

Rs. 400.00Rs. 500.00

Premium Combo Pack of Fig, Pista And Dry Apricot

Rs. 1,650.00Rs. 1,900.00

Premium Combo Pack of Normal Mamra, Walnut And Dry Apricot

Rs. 1,850.00Rs. 2,200.00

Premium Value Pack of Ghorbandi Almonds And Dry Apricot

Rs. 950.00Rs. 1,300.00

Premium Golden Pack of Ghorbandi Almonds, Green Raisin, Fig And Dry Apricot

Rs. 1,800.00Rs. 2,250.00

Premium Value Pack of Dry Apricot And Pista

Rs. 1,150.00Rs. 1,400.00

Premium Golden Pack of Ghorbandi Almonds, Red Raisin, Walnut And Dry Apricot

Rs. 1,750.00Rs. 2,000.00

Premium Golden Pack of Ghorbandi Almonds, Pista, Fig And Dry Apricot

Rs. 2,600.00Rs. 2,900.00

Premium Value Pack of Walnuts And Dry Apricot

Rs. 1,200.00Rs. 1,450.00

Apricot is a fruit, which is a great source of Vitamin A, C &E and many other natural antioxidants such as copper, dietary fiber. Add these afghan dried apricots in your daily diet and then see how these apricots can improve your metabolism, improves your digestion. These dried apricots can help your body to remain to feel fuller for many hours. It also helps in reducing weight which is a great sign of keeping your body fit and healthy.

These exotic dry fruits can be consumed in different ways. These apricots can be chopped and can be added to your morning breakfast cereal. You can even blend and can make a dip out of these apricots. You can make any healthy recipe out of these apricots. Dried apricots can be stored but fresh apricots need to be consumed quickly otherwise the skin of the fresh apricot might get some wrinkle and might also lose its efficiency.