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                Pistachio (22)

                Premium Irani Pistachio (Pista)

                Rs. 611.00Rs. 650.00

                Premium Combo Pack of Kaghazi Almond, Pista And Green Raisin

                Rs. 1,500.00Rs. 1,800.00

                Premium Combo Pack of Kaghazi Almond, Pista And Walnut

                Rs. 1,766.00Rs. 2,050.00

                Premium Value Pack of Red Raisin And Pista

                Rs. 877.00Rs. 950.00

                Premium Golden Pack of Normal Mamra, Green Raisin, Red Raisin And Pista

                Rs. 2,111.00Rs. 2,725.00

                Premium Combo Pack of Pista, Red Raisin And Green Raisin

                Rs. 1,199.00Rs. 1,350.00

                Premium Combo Pack of Ghorbandi Almonds, Pista And Walnut

                Rs. 1,554.00Rs. 1,775.00

                Premium Combo Pack of Fig, Pista And Dry Apricot

                Rs. 1,443.00Rs. 1,650.00

                Premium Value Pack of Dry Apricot And Pista

                Rs. 943.00Rs. 1,050.00

                Pistachios which are also known as pista is a member of the cashew family. This exotic dry fruit is just only tasty and fun to eat but at the same time are very healthy. They contain healthy fats and also have proteins, fiber, and antioxidants which is good for your body.

                Buy salted pista and get the versatile and delicious pistas which will improve your overall health. Different types of health benefits are there in pistachios. You can add this pistas to your food and make your food healthy.

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