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Raisins (39)

Premium Afghani Green Raisins

Rs. 350.00Rs. 450.00

Premium Afghani Black Raisins

Rs. 300.00Rs. 350.00

Premium Afghani Red Raisins

Rs. 300.00Rs. 450.00

Premium Combo Pack of Ghorbandi Almonds, Green Raisin And Walnut

Rs. 1,450.00Rs. 1,700.00

Premium Combo Pack of Pista, Red Raisin And Green Raisin

Rs. 1,350.00Rs. 1,600.00

Premium Combo Pack of Fig, Green Raisin And Normal Mamra

Rs. 1,700.00Rs. 1,950.00

Premium Combo Pack of Kaghazi Almond, Pista And Green Raisin

Rs. 1,700.00Rs. 1,950.00

Premium Value Pack of Red Raisin And Pista

Rs. 1,050.00Rs. 1,300.00

Premium Golden Pack of Normal Mamra, Green Raisin, Red Raisin And Pista

Rs. 2,350.00Rs. 2,725.00

Raisins are also known as a dried apricot. When grapes are dehydrated then raisins are produced then they make nutrients stronger in raisins. This small looking exotic dry fruit is full of energy and is a great source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Raisins are healthy that can be added as a flavor in different varieties of dishes.

These raisins help in keeping your digestive system good and can boost your iron level. 30 grams of a handful of raisins should be consumed in a day to keep the heart and body healthy and fit. You can buy organic raisins and can try to make a healthy dish out of that. These can be added in your morning breakfast or can add this to any dessert this might bring a different flavor to the whole dish.